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Insurance NEMT ToledoAre you a transportation company looking for Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance in Toledo Ohio?

If that is the case, you are in the right place. Pathway Insurance is a leading insurance brokerage offering the commercial insurance you need no matter if you are a new business, getting canceled from your current Ohio NEMT Insurance Company, or if you have experienced a significant rate increase, we can help you!

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Ballpark Pricing NEMT Insurance Ohio

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Kerry, a licensed agent with Pathway Insurance, is in the preliminary stage of discussing Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance with a potential customer Stephanie Happenstance. Let us now continue our storyline.

Kerry states, “OK, I can share ballpark pricing in a moment. Let me ask you a few additional questions. Including yourself and the two drivers you’ve hired, is every driver over 25?”

Stephanie answers, “Yes, I believe both of my drivers are in their late 50s.”

“OK, great,” Kerry continues, and I believe you mentioned that all three of you have no tickets or accidents on your record in the last three years?”

“Yes, that is correct,” Stephanie answers.

Kerry continues, “Can you tell me the year, make, and model, with the vehicle’s value, or in other words, what did you pay for the vehicle, and do you believe the value is about right, or did you get a great deal on it?”

Stephanie replies, “it’s a 2020 Ford Transit, and I paid $47,000. I looked it up on Kelly blue book, and that’s about the average price.”

Kerry continues, “Based on the fact that all three of the drivers are over the age of 25, and there have been no tickets or accidents in the last five years, and the value of this vehicle, if we can get you preferred pricing, which I believe there’s a good chance I can, you’re going to be looking at somewhere between $6,000 and $9,000 for the year.”

“If you needed to make monthly payments, your down payment would be 20%, and we divide the remaining payments by ten and then add a nine-dollar payment fee.”

“So, best case scenario, you would be looking at about $1,200 down payment and around $489 per month for your commercial auto insurance.”

Kerry says, “Worst case scenario, and I use the term worst case scenario loosely, there’s always a chance it could be higher than $9,000 for the year. I don’t think so, but there’s always a possibility it could be more but for argument’s sake, let’s say that $9,000 was the worst-case scenario on pricing — you would be looking at a down payment of $1,800. Your monthly would be around $729, and that’s just for your commercial auto insurance.”

Stephanie interjects, “I need other insurance?”

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