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If You Are a New Venture, Why Should You Obtain Pricing For Ohio Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Before You Buy Your Vehicle?

If you are contemplating opening up a transportation company in Ohio, it’s a good idea to investigate pricing before purchasing a vehicle you want to use.


The price might be more than you expect, and if you’ve already purchased a commercial vehicle for your transportation company, you may lose money reselling that vehicle later.

Here’s a real-life example of what happened to one person, Stephanie Happenstance.*

Stephanie was a prominent medical professional in the community.

She just happened to be attending a medical conference in Chicago when she ran into past college friend Janice Sierra. They agreed to catch up later for dinner, and Janice revealed that she had opened up a non-medical transportation company affiliated with her healthcare practice.

She mentioned that her transportation company was quite profitable.

Intrigued, Stephanie wanted to know more. After discussing the benefits with Janice, Stephanie was soon convinced this might be an excellent investment opportunity.

Because they had been quite close in college, Janice felt somewhat of a sense of loss because she had not kept in touch with Stephanie. She spent the next several hours outlining how she could open up a transportation business affiliated with her healthcare practice and the steps she had taken, contracts to pursue with the transportation brokers, and the steps she had to take to form a corporation.

Stephanie also learned what Janice paid on her commercial insurance, the driver and fuel costs, and other expense items necessary to run the transportation business. Stephanie was a diligent student (Janice recalled from college); her questions seemed endless, and she documented all details on her tablet.

After saying their goodbyes, Stephanie was very interested in the opportunity to add transportation to her healthcare practice with the benefit of potentially acquiring new customers via the clients she provided transportation services to.

As the conference wrapped up for the week, Stephanie’s mind was focused on the opportunities to add transportation to her healthcare practice, and in the evening, instead of associating with other colleagues, she focused her attention on reaching out to transportation brokers to obtain their requirements for contracting, placing an employment ad for a driver, and finding a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

All of these activities were successful, she found a late-model wheelchair van, called the dealership, and negotiated the pricing over the phone, and the next step was to line up the insurance.

Insurance For Nemt Companies In Ohio — More Difficult to Find Than You May Realize!

Finding Insurance Ohio Non Medical Emergency Transportation Insurance proved to be more challenging than anticipated for our entrepreneurial healthcare provider, let’s continue our account:

After purchasing the wheelchair van for around $47,000, Stephanie needed commercial auto insurance. So she called her current agent Kimberly who cared for her auto and homeowners insurance and explained the type of business she wished to start.

Kimberly promised to get back to Stephanie after she had an opportunity to speak with her underwriters. A few hours later, Kimberly called to let her know what she had discovered.

“Stephanie, I have some potentially bad news. It doesn’t look like any of the insurance companies we represent offer Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance in Ohio, so I needed to contact another insurance group that offers this type of insurance. I’m waiting to hear back from them. I’ll call you as soon as they get back to me.”

That was a bit of a disappointing call because Stephanie hoped this would be an easy step to check off on her to-do list for her new transportation company.

Kimberly was an excellent agent and had cared for her car and homeowners insurance for many years, and she decided to wait to hear back from her.

Five days later, she receives a call from Kimberly.

“Okay, Stephanie, I was finally able to get the price quote, and I did email that over to you, and I wanted to warn you the price was much more than I was expecting. Can you pull up the quote so I can review the details with you?”

“Sure. How much more was it than you expected, Kimberly?” Stephanie replied.

“Well, we don’t specialize in people transportation insurance, and none of the insurance companies we represent is willing to write a policy for you for this. So to me, it seems high, but maybe that is just what it costs, but the company that was willing to write a policy for you came in at around $17,000 for the year.”

“$17,000!” Stephanie exclaims.

“Yes, I was a bit taken aback by that price as well, but what the underwriter explained to me is that only a handful of companies are willing to write a policy for the people transportation business because they said it’s riskier than if you were let’s say an electrical contractor just going back and forth to different job sites.” Kimberly explained.

“Hmmm,” Stephanie demurs, “a colleague of mine told me that what she was paying is about half that, Kimberly. I trust your opinion. Do you have any other ideas?”

“I’m sorry, Stephanie I really don’t, this just isn’t a line of business that we handle, and I don’t have a recommendation for you as well. We’d love to help you with this, but if another insurance company is willing to give you a much better price, you should probably take that.”

“Okay, Kimberly, I appreciate your time. I guess I will start calling around.” Stephanie explains.

Kimberly assured her that that would probably be best.

Searching for Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance in Ohio Proved to Be Time-Consuming!

The next day Stephanie begins to search online and call other agents.

All of the insurance agents she called did not answer their telephone, with many inviting her to leave a message. She left messages for five agents explaining the type of coverage she needed, and after leaving messages on five voicemails, she needed to return to work.

Like most healthcare providers, Stephanie’s day is a whirlwind of activity. Yet, as she approaches the end of the day, she recalls that she had not received a single call from the five agents she left messages for earlier.

After her regular work hours expire, she makes additional phone calls leaving messages on other insurance agents’ voicemails. Regrettably, she did not speak to not a single receptionist, let alone a live insurance agent, in her calling activity.

She silently wonders why at least a few of the initial five other agents she left messages for had not called her as she is growing in her suspicion that it might be a little bit more challenging to find the insurance she needs.

She relates her frustration when she arrives home and greets her husband, Ben, who has prepared her favorite dish.

Ben suggested, “Why don’t you call your colleague Janice and find out what insurance company she purchased insurance from?”

Stephanie gives her husband an a-ha look and shakes her head gently from side to side, wondering why she didn’t think about that earlier, so she sends a text message to Janice.

Janice responded around an hour later with the needed information. So now Stephanie has a place to begin, and she plans to arrive at her office an hour earlier to start round 3 of calling insurance providers.

Nemt Insurance Ohio — Let the buyer Beware!

Stephanie arrives one hour early for work and notices that an agent has left a voicemail overnight advising her that they do not sell Non Medical Emergency Transportation Insurance in Ohio. She wondered in the back of her mind about the other dozen or so agencies that she had called with no response.

She looks at her list and crosses that agency off the list.

As she turns her computer on, she remembers the name of the insurance company that her colleague Janice had given her.

So she searches for that company online and finds their website and notices that they offer online price quotes.

She begins to input the name and address of her business and the next question is in reference to the nature of her business. She types in non-medical transportation and nothing comes up so she types in social service and plenty of options are listed.

She chooses the nonprofit option because she can’t see that she would make a profit in the first year and within five minutes she has a price quote of around $3,200 for the year.

Stephanie is thrilled because not only is this price far lower than the $17,000 price tag she received from Kimberly, her current auto and home agent, but it’s much lower than the price that her friend Janice is paying for her non-emergency medical transportation company.

Stephanie completes the rest of the information and within a few minutes, she has an issued policy for her new company.

The next step is to submit her paperwork including proof of commercial auto insurance to the transportation broker which she does later that day.

About a week later she receives an email notification from the transportation broker that their company needs to be listed as an additional insured and they include the details of said additional insured requirement.

Stephanie logs onto her online accounts for her new insurance company and there is an option to add an additional insured. She attempts to add the additional insured and she receives a red warning notice that it is not possible to add this additional insured to her policy and that for more assistance, she should call the insurance company directly.

Bought the Wrong Ohio NEMT Insurance Policy!

She contacts her insurance company by telephone and after being on hold for 48 minutes she is finally connected to a live person who identifies himself as Henry.

“Henry my name is Stephanie Happenstance and I purchased a commercial auto policy from your company last week I was trying to add something called an additional insured to my policy and it would not let me do it, can you help me?” Stephanie inquires.

“Sure I would be glad to help you can you provide me the name of your business and your policy number if you have it handy?”

Stephanie provides that information to him and a few moments later Henry asks “Can you share with me the name of the additional insured that you need to have listed on your policy?”

After Stephanie relates that information to him Henry quickly mentions, “I think we might have a problem. “Henry continues, “What type of business are you involved in with your company?”

“Well I’m a medical doctor and I have my own practice I’m providing transportation for patients for their doctor’s visits.”

“Okay”, Henry acknowledges and continues, “Are you providing transportation for the patience that you will treat in your medical practice?”

Stephanie replies with a slight hesitation in her voice, “Most of the individuals we will transport will not initially be patience with my healthcare practice, although I’m hoping that some of them will decide to change to my practice for their medical care.”

Henry continues with an additional question, “So you’re wanting to contract with this transportation broker and that’s why you need the additional insured included on your policy?”

“Yes” Stephanie replies, “is that a problem? “

“Actually Stephanie we do not provide insurance for companies that are non-emergency medical transportation companies which it sounds like that’s what you’re doing.”

Henry continues, “It looks like your policy is set up as a social service agency but you’re really a for-profit healthcare practice offering transportation, regrettably, I’m going to need to set your policy up for a 30-day cancellation because that’s the law in the state in which you operate, we do not offer this type of insurance so I’m not sure what happened here but unfortunately you’re going to need to find another insurance company that will offer you the correct insurance.” Henry concludes.

Stephanie inquires if she would receive a refund she paid to start the policy and Henry explains how that works.

Frustrated, shopping for NEMT Insurance in Ohio is proving to be more challenging than expected. Stephanie decides to pick this up the next day and goes about her normal work duties for the day.

We will learn what steps Stephanie needed to take next on the article posted on Columbus Ohio Nemt Insurance.

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