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Nemt Insurance Ohio North RoyaltonIt seems like you are on the hunt for NEMT Insurance in the enchanting land of North Royalton Ohio. Give our licensed insurance agents at Pathway Insurance a holler by dialing the mystical digits 1-800-998-0662. Or, if you are more of a modern-day Merlin who prefers clicking over incantations, tap that link below. Yes, the very one that practically begs to be clicked, promising you a quote 24 hours a day, because apparently, even insurance needs its beauty sleep:

We are sharing this information with you so you can avoid making the same mistake.

To avoid embarrassment, we changed our client’s name to John Doe.  (Just in case you know him).

John purchased a commercial auto policy for his nonemergency medical transportation business through a local agent he found online. We will refer to the name of the insurance carrier as ABC Insurance. (Carrier name also changed)

Several months later, John obtained a new contract with VERIDA (Formerly Southeastrans) and needed additional coverage added to his policy.

He called his local agent, asking to add this coverage to his policy. 

About a week later, John received a letter from ABC Insurance company advising they were canceling his policy!

The notice stated that the cancellation was because ABC Insurance does not offer NEMT Insurance!

At first — John thought it must be a mistake — he called his agent and left a message on his voicemail.  After a few hours, he did not hear back from his agent and called again, leaving another message.

After additional calls and messages — it was apparent. John’s agent was ghosting him.

John next called the insurance company directly to see if he could get an explanation.

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