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NEMT Insurance Quotes

How can you avoid purchasing the wrong policy for your transportation business and, most importantly, avoiding a claim denial?

Step # 1 — Ensure that the agent providing quotes for your business specializes in offering NEMT Insurance.

The agent John purchased a policy from obviously did not specialize in NEMT.

Otherwise, he would have known right from the very start this carrier could not write this line of business for a people transportation company.

Could that happen to you?

It could, and we had witnessed this mistake quite a few times, whereas the NEMT company purchased a policy they believed covered them correctly when it did not.

It is imperative to ensure that the agent you are purchasing a policy knows what they are doing.

Below are a few questions you may want to ask any agent that is quoting your business insurance:

1. Do you personally have at least five years of experience underwriting nonemergency medical transportation business accounts?

2. Does your insurance brokerage actively insure hundreds of transportation companies or more in multiple states?

If the answer is no to either of the questions above, the agent you are speaking to may not specialize in NEMT Insurance.

Just like you would not want a chiropractor or your dentist to treat a heart condition if you had one, purchasing your business insurance from an inexperienced agent can lead to disaster.

What is the next step?

Step # 2 — Receive your quotes in writing and carefully review the business classification. The business class should include one of the following words for business type:

  • Paratransit
  • NEMT
  • Non-emergency transportation

If any of the above words are missing from the quote, that could signify trouble.

If the quote includes a business classification as a social service entity, medical provider, or home health care, that is the wrong classification for a people transportation business.

It would be best if you got something in writing showing that the quote will cover your business for People transportation” for the elderly, disabled, and sick.

If the agent refuses to provide this information to you, there is a chance you may be about to purchase the wrong policy.

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