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Choose a Specialist, Not a Generalist, for Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance.

We’ve all heard the saying Jack of all trades, master of none. That could not be more true regarding the Non Medical Transportation Industry.

When you need commercial insurance, working with an agent who understands your industry is a good idea.

Now consider part two of Kerry’s discussion with Stephanie’s Happenstance sharing ballpark NEMT Insurance Cost in Ohio.

If you did not read part one, click on Columbus Ohio Nemt Insurance to catch up.

To briefly recap, Stephanie contacted Kerry, a licensed agent specializing in Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance.

Stephanie, unfortunately, has quite a tale to share. She invested considerable time investigating transportation contracts, found a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, negotiated the price, and hired two drivers, only to discover that the insurance based on her initial quote was much more than she anticipated.

She next gets a quote and purchases a policy, only to discover within seven days that the insurer doesn’t write NEMT Insurance Policies in Ohio.

NEMT Insurance Cost in Ohio — Types of Carriers Available.

Let’s find out what happens next as we continue our story.

“If you don’t mind, Stephanie,” Kerry continues, I’d like to share some details about Ohio NEMT Insurance and give you some initial ballpark pricing.”

“That would be great, Kerry. I have some time.” Stephanie suggests.

“OK, for Ohio Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance, three types of companies are available. You have standard, preferred, and high-risk insurance carriers.” Kerry pauses for just a moment and continues.

“A preferred insurance carrier is going to give you the best possible prices, and this classification is normally only available for those who have been in business normally for three years or longer with continuous commercial insurance without any lapses or interruptions of coverage, and the company would need to have a good history of limited or no losses with drivers with a spotless driving history.”

“As you can imagine, High Risk NEMT Insurance will cost you the most money, and it’s typically for Transportation Companies that have had a lot of claims or the drivers have a lot of activity on their record.”

Stephanie interjects, “Well, that’s not my company. I have two drivers. One is a retired auto worker, but he only works part-time. My other driver has been working for another Non Medical Transportation Company for about ten years, and they both have spotless driving records.” Stephanie concludes.

“That’s good news,” Kerry continues. “A standard company is normally the only insurer available when you are a new business startup with a clean driving record.”  

Stephanie interjects, “But I am not a new business, Kerry, because I have owned my medical practice for eight years.”

“That is great to know you have eight years of business ownership. Is this the first time you have decided to offer transportation services?” Kerry asks.

“Yes,” Stephanie replies.

“Is your transportation business a separate company, or will you run it under your medical practice?” Kerry inquires.

“My friend Janice mentioned that having a separate corporate entity would be best, so I have an LLC I’ve set up,” Stephanie answers.

Kerry replies, “OK, because you are starting this business up for the first time, and it’s not connected to your existing business under a new legal entity, underwriters will consider you a new business startup. It’s just how it works for Non Medical Transportation Companies.”

“However, that being said, there is a possibility because of your medical experience that we can get you qualified for a preferred carrier, and that’s going to be much lower than standard pricing.”  

“I like that sound, Kerry, but what are we talking about regarding price? My friend, who cares for my auto and homeowners insurance, gave me a price quote of $17,000 for the year, and the policy I mistakenly purchased was less than $4000 per year. If I have to pay $17,000 for the year for my wheelchair vehicle, that will significantly impact the profit I expect to earn.”

Kerry replies, “OK, I can share ballpark pricing in a moment. Let me ask you a few additional questions.”

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