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Storyline Recap

Picture this: Stephanie, our brave adventurer, needs commercial insurance for her NEMT business. And what does she do? She decides to seek the help of an insurance agent from Pathway Insurance, who understands this wild and wonderful industry. Smart move, Stephanie!

To bring you up to speed, Stephanie went through quite the ordeal. She scoured the depths of the transportation contract world, discovered a vehicle fit for wheelchair access, haggled over the price like a seasoned pro, and even hired two drivers to join her daring quest. But just when she thought she had it all figured out, BAM! The insurance costs slapped her in the face like a wet fish!

Ever the resilient spirit, Stephanie soldiered on and managed to get herself a quote for a policy. But wait for it… within a mere seven days, she received a crushing blow! The insurer she chose doesn’t write NEMT insurance policies in Ohio! Talk about a plot twist!

Oh, Stephanie, we feel your pain! It seems like the NEMT industry is filled with more surprises than a magician’s hat. But fear not, Stephanie got connected with an agent from our company, providing her with some ballpark pricing estimates for commercial auto insurance.

However, Stephanie was unaware that she needed more than commercial auto insurance for her Non Medical Transportation Company.

Let’s now read about the rest of the story.

Stephanie interjects, “I need other insurance?”

Kerry answers, “Yes, you will also need a policy for General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance with Sexual Molestation Coverage, and we can’t forget that you also need Worker’s Compensation insurance.”

“Hmmm,” Stephanie demurs, “I didn’t know I needed other insurance. Is that going to cost as much as the auto insurance?”

Kerry responds, “General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance are not nearly as pricey as your commercial auto insurance.   I won’t be able to give you a ballpark price for Worker’s Compensation Insurance because we can’t offer that in the state of Ohio. Still, on the General Liability for one listed vehicle, and it depends if you need sexual molestation coverage and coverage for loading and unloading, you might be looking at between $1400 and $2000 for the year.

“Oh, that’s not horrible,” Stephanie replies.

“No,” Kerry responds, “it is the commercial auto insurance that is the biggest cost factor, so here’s my question, Stephanie, do you feel even in the worst case scenario for the commercial auto insurance that an $1800 down payment with monthly payments at $729 would be affordable?”

Stephanie responds, “Yes, it would be affordable, and that aligns with what my friend Janice is paying for her insurance.”

Kerry replies, “OK, so let me tell you the next step to obtain exact price quotes. We need to complete a few applications with the insurance carriers, which will take between 25 and 30 minutes. We have an online secured portal in which we keep our applications stored, and I’ll set up a login for you.

“Did you have time right now to do that?” Kerry inquires.

Stephanie replies, “Well, I don’t have time right now. My schedule is somewhat inflexible. I am normally with patients most of the day, except I take a one-hour lunch break during the day. I take lunch at around 12:30. Would you be available tomorrow at that time?”

“Sure, Stephanie, I will pencil you in for 12:30 PM tomorrow,” Kerry concludes.

To read Stephanie’s final step for insurance quotes, click Akron NEMT Insurance Quotes.

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