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Akron Ohio NEMT Insurance – Proper Vehicle Maintenance Is Essential

Running a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company in Ohio can be fulfilling, but it also carries significant responsibilities. One of the most crucial aspects of managing a successful NEMT business in the state is ensuring you possess the requisite insurance coverage.

Ohio imposes specific requirements on NEMT companies to safeguard passengers, drivers, and the business, especially when contracting with Medicaid.

In this article, we will explain why it is vital that NEMT companies operating in Ohio keep their vehicles maintained in optimal working order.

In the city of Akron, Ohio, on a crisp autumn morning, a dramatic turn of events unfolded for Norman Winklebotham, a NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) driver, as he embarked on what seemed like just another routine day of patient transport. Little did he know that his day would spiral into a tangled web of insurance claims, exclusions, and legal disputes.

Norman had been driving a company-owned minivan showing signs of wear and tear. The windshield had a noticeable crack that had been there for a while, and the front right tire had developed a persistent slow leak despite being covered with numerous plugs and patches. Despite his concerns, Norman continued using the vehicle, believing it could withstand a few more trips.

As Norman was transporting two elderly patients to their medical appointments, he felt a sudden jolt, followed by the deafening sound of screeching tires and a loud crash. The minivan had lost control, swerved off the road, and collided with a telephone pole. Even though the cracked windshield was intact, the impact was devastating, causing significant front-end damage to the vehicle.

Thankfully, Norman and his passengers were not seriously injured, but the minivan was inoperable. Norman immediately contacted his NEMT company, Backroads NEMT Services, to report the accident. Backroads NEMT Services, in turn, filed an insurance claim with their insurer, Reminiscence Insurance Solutions.

The claims adjuster from Reminiscence Insurance Solutions, Ms. Andrea Puppins, arrived at the accident scene to assess the damage and determine the coverage. Upon inspecting the minivan, Ms. Puppins noted the pre-existing cracked windshield and the worn-out tire, ultimately leading to the blowout and the accident.

Ms. Puppins reviewed the insurance agreement provided by Reminiscence Insurance Solutions. They discovered a clause in the policy that became a significant obstacle in the claims process.

“4. To determine the amount necessary to repair the damaged property to its pre-loss physical condition as referred to in Paragraph 1.c., the total cost of necessary repairs will be reduced by:

  1. the cost of labor, parts and materials necessary to repair or replace damage, deterioration, defects, or wear and tear on exterior body parts, windshields and other glass, wheels, and paint, that existed prior to the accident and that is eliminated as a result of the repair or replacement of property damaged in the loss. This adjustment for physical condition includes, but is not limited to, broken, cracked or missing parts, rust, dents, scrapes, gouges, and peeling paint.”

This exclusion was the foundation of Reminiscence Insurance Solutions’ decision to deny coverage for replacing the cracked windshield and the leaky tire. They argued that these issues were pre-existing conditions and not a direct result of the accident. Therefore, Norman and Backroads NEMT Services were left to bear the financial burden of replacing the vehicle’s windshield and destroyed tire.

In summary, you can have the correct insurance coverage for your NEMT fleet, but neglecting to maintain your vehicles properly can lead to a partial or total claim denial.

You can explore the Ohio Medicaid website for a deeper understanding of Medicaid services and regulations specific to Ohio. It is a valuable resource for NEMT companies seeking insights into the Medicaid-related aspects of their Ohio operations.

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